Warner Bros. Photo App Launches Internationally

17 Sep 2013 -

By Michele Edelman

outmywindow, WB's photo app, is releasing an updated version this week in over 150 countries. Now movie lovers all over the world can bring a touch of Warner Bros. entertainment magic to their own candid photos.

Available on iOS, this updated version of outmywindow offers exclusive photo effects such as stickers, frames and filters from our iconic movies and tv shows. No other studio has brought together in one place the visual language of photos with the unique branded content consumers love. We've currently released photo effects bundles for We're The Millers, The Notebook, Caddyshack, Goodfellas, Friday and Final Destination, with more titles are coming soon from WBTV, WBP, WBIE and DC Comics.

In the United States, users also have the opportunity to register for the app to enjoy a suite of additional features, including organizing photos in albums, collaborating on albums, sharing with select people or socially and 5GB of storage. All of these features are also available on Android and the web.

Built entirely in-house by WB's Advanced Digital Services division using the Agile development methodology, outmywindow has been a creative exploration to find new ways to bring our consumers products that enhance their lives. With this latest update, fans of Warner Bros. movies and TV shows can share their Hollywood-inspired creations seamlessly on social media and with friends. This exciting new enhancement combines consumers, social media and promotion of our brands in a unique and fresh way.

Over the past 18 months, the explosive growth of photo-sharing and photo-taking apps and technology has turned photo sharing into its own unique visual language. Taking and sharing photos crosses cultures lines, demographics and gender. With outmywindow, it's your world — more entertaining. Download it now here.

Michele Edelman is VP, Direct to Consumer Marketing, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.