Best Show and Tell Ever

15 Jul 2016 - By TW Staff

You may have heard that Time Warner is moving from its long-time home on Manhattan's iconic Columbus Circle, decamping to New York's newest destination, the Hudson Yards development.

The move is still several years off, but this week at a corporate town hall, employees were treated to an update on progress at the site and, even better, the coolest show and tell subject, ever.

This 1:200 replica of the future company headquarters at 30 Hudson Yards is painstakingly crafted out of 78,220 standard LEGO bricks, featuring more than 65 LEGO minifigures.

The exterior is covered in over 15,000 clear LEGO panels to simulate the glass shell of the 1.5 million square feet tower that will be home to approximately 5,000 employees from Time Warner's corporate operations, as well as its Turner, Warner Bros. and HBO businesses — consolidating the divisions under one roof for the first time.

Inside the LEGO sculpture, Time Warner's unrivaled, industry-leading, global brands are represented throughout intricate interior office scenes. Gandalf waving to a colleague? Superman and Gimli the dwarf chatting near the water cooler? The more you look, the more you see — and no Kragle in sight!

Taking more than 180 man-hours to construct and weighing more than 100 pounds, it was created by the team of artists at The Art of the Brick Studios, founded by contemporary artist Nathan Sawaya.

Now that's our kind of headquarters.