26 Sep 2018 The Singing Fool: A Warner Bros. Game-Changer Turns 90
It is well-known that the October 1927 debut of The Jazz Singer, the first movie to feature synchronized dialogue and singing, was a landmark event in the history of motion pictures. However, it was
18 Apr 2018 Celebrating Superman's 80th
As comic book fans and Superman devotees know by now, this week—Wednesday, April 18 to be exact—marks the 80th anniversary of the very first Superman comic, better known as Action Comics
03 Apr 2018 An Auspicious Anniversary: WB's First "Best Picture"
On April 2, 1840, controversial French author and activist Emile Zola was born. Nearly a century later—in 1937—Warner Bros. made an equally controversial film about Zola's life, aptly
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